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Inherited Wealth: What, and when, do I tell the Kids!

Many people would no doubt regard being super wealthy as a rather nice sort of problem to have. But, as…

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The Rise of Private Equity in the Trust Sector - what will be the impact for Guernsey?

The entrepreneurial spirit has much to do with the successful evolution of the trust sector in Guernsey which has developed…

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Fiduciaries must embrace technology to meet service delivery aspirations

There’s no doubt that systems will continue to revolutionise the way in which people work, whatever their business may be.…

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Family Office and Institutional Structures - Guernsey’s Evolving Offering

Despite wider macroeconomic difficulties, Guernsey continues to attract new and evermore complex family office and institutional structures. The obvious attractions…

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Will Guernsey Crack the enIGmA Code?

Guernsey’s Participation and Future Development of Inter-Governmental Agreements / Will Guernsey Crack the enIGmA code? In the light of growing…

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Michael Betley’s 2015 Predictions

Group Chairman of Trust Corporation International, Michael Betley, foresees changes in the political landscape of the UK and Europe in 2015 having the greatest impact on the Channel Islands.

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