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Management Oversight / Non‑Executive Directors

Our aim is to apply the most appropriate governance and management structure to the arrangements we administer. Increasingly there is a desire for us to exercise robust and demonstrable oversight and that decisions and deliberations are well documented. Determining the location of the central management is often fraught in an age of international travel and electronic communication, but part of our role is to guide and, where necessary, impose rigor to management disciplines.

Our directors act as non‑executive directors of businesses, investment funds and sit on the board of related companies. Assuming there is no conflict of interest in one of us doing so, we see this as an extension of our service and role. Serving as a non‑executive director can allow the offshore structure oversight of an underlying investment and that can strengthen the integrity of the structure, whilst giving us insight to the hopes and fears of family members who sit on the board or have a beneficial interest in the family company.