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Trust Corporation International’s senior management is drawn from a wide range of professions. Our directors come from international banking, legal, accounting and private equity backgrounds. The board of directors has over 100 years of experience in the offshore financial world and each director brings a different skill set to the board table.

Trust Corporation International is a “manager‑owned” business. The directors share a desire and commitment to own a business founded and built on expertise and service. All directors have been involved professionally in private practice or multi‑national financial institutions and we value our independence. This independence enables us to preserve our values and standard of client service rather than being at the whims of the financial demands made by remote owners and shareholders.

We seek to combine technical expertise with a sympathetic and pragmatic approach to sensitive issues. This is particularly important as offshore wealth management becomes increasingly complex and sophisticated. There are very few offshore professional trustees who can understand, implement and properly run very complex, multi‑jurisdictional offshore structures as well, but Trust Corporation International is one. Our high level of director involvement, extensive business experience and strong technical backgrounds is where we differentiate ourselves.

We are fortunate to have a loyal, dedicated and high calibre team who all have a variety of experience which helps foster wider understanding of your affairs and ensures continuity. We maintain an open door policy and whilst each member of staff, be it a director or administrator, will have some key client relationships, we operate a single, cohesive team and call on the expertise of other team members as it is needed. We consider this approach to be one of our key strengths.