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US Services

A substantial part of our client base are resident in or have US connections and as such we are very familiar with many of the planning techniques and reporting needs for US individuals. 

Through our affiliate, Regent Capital Advisors LLC, based in Nevada, we can assist in the management and operation of onshore US corporates, partnerships and private trust companies. The combination of services offered out of Nevada and Guernsey mean that we can assist with an individuals US domestic trustee needs and those with a broader international reach. This combination of facilities allows us to offer a tailored approach to family’s international succession and tax planning needs. 

The most common situations we get involved in include helping;

We are committed to represent our US families and welcome new relationships despite the new challenges we all face with increased legal and regulatory reporting obligations. If you would like to see how we can help or to understand more about our US capabilities please contact one of us. A profile of our US team and a more detailed description of the Regent Capital Advisory Offering can be found using the following links.

US Team

Regent Capital Advisory Offering