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Michael Betley shares why the Private Wealth Forum is a chance to showcase best of Guernsey

Every month something new seems to threaten global stability and the arena with the most potential for destabilisation is surely the political one. Global geopolitics are so finely nuanced that any development can by risky. Of course this has an impact on private wealth and how wealth is accumulated, managed and protected. The upcoming Guernsey Finance Private Wealth Forum will grapple with just this issue.


Against this backdrop is the fact that wealth planning is becoming increasingly technical and complex even before global geopolitical concerns are considered. This is in part caused by globalisation with many wealthy families contending with multi-jurisdictional needs.

Furthermore, there is a greater element of multi-generational interest and involvement in structures, especially with Millennials being more tech savvy and thus having access to more information compared with their predecessors. This at a time when there has never been more international regulation with a greater drive towards transparency. Quality practice and advice has never been so important.

This is where Guernsey comes into its own. The island’s five decades of proven experience and expertise in the private client sector have resulted in a highly-qualified cohort of professionals who have the technical intellect and depth of understanding required when dealing with large, ultra-high net worth individuals and families presenting complex scenarios.

The Private Wealth Forum will explore real issues which our clients face and is an excellent opportunity to showcase Guernsey’s depth of understanding as well as its ability to address these risks and problem solve in a rapidly changing political and financial environment.

We’re looking forward to the Forum and hearing what the panel and keynote speaker, John Sawers, are going to discuss as we all look toward Guernsey’s future in private wealth.

Guernsey Finance’s Private Wealth Forum takes place in London on 8 November and Trust Corporation International is a sponsor.