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Michael Heyworth


Michael specialised in trust law in private practice and tends to deal with Trust Corporation International’s more complex trust matters; be they complex by merit of interpersonal relationships or structurally. He is the lead director for a number of family office relationships, investors in private equity, property and managed portfolios. He worked as a solicitor in London and Guernsey during which time he acted for many international trust companies in advising them of their duties and responsibilities, as well as providing advice to individual trustees and beneficiaries. Michael is also the director most involved in reviewing and negotiating investment management proposals. Michael was involved in the management and marketing of commercial enterprises before qualifying as a lawyer and is a member of the Law Society of England and Wales. Michael is listed by Spears in its “Top Recommended” for Guernsey and named in ePrivate Client’s 50 most influential list for 2017.

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