Collective Investments

Very often, related parties join together in a business enterprise. We operate a number of Private Investor Clubs which have grown organically through our independent and unbiased guidance to our clients, experienced family office and investors.

Trust Corporation International has vast knowledge of administering private investor clubs for UHNWIs and HNWIs, structures which involve a number of individuals who share a common investment philosophy, pooling their capital resources and financial education for the purpose of investment.

It provides direct investment opportunities hand selected from or anchored by a collective of families and proactively provides guidance on opportunities in line with the family’s aims and values.

Co-Investment Vehicles

Trust Corporation International has a wealth of experience administering co-investment vehicles for our private equity clients, enabling investors to work together to finance the placement of capital in lucrative funding rounds and deploying their funds in the most effective manner.

Trust Corporation International has assisted the successful exit of a number of client vehicles through listing on the New York and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges.

We can assist with your choice of domicile for a vehicle. Our experience in corporate secretarial, corporate governance and financial reporting spans multiple decades, meaning we can provide our clients with intelligent and pragmatic solutions throughout the life of the investment vehicle.