The quality of our team remains key to our reputation and success.

We are fortunate to enjoy an exceptionally high staff retention rate and have always sought to employ the best available talent. We remain privately owned by our management and have no external shareholders.

Our policy of recruiting for the long-term, coupled with rewarding our team for client satisfaction, has delivered growth and stability for our business. We recognise that these values are shared by many of our clients, be they one-man service entities, private family companies or listed organisations.

We have therefore sought to develop a particular expertise within the field of employee remuneration, inclusion and incentivisation. Amongst our own team we have experience of providing services to a range of vehicles and structures intended to reward, include and incentivise staff and management, including:

  • Carry vehicles
  • Share ownership plans
  • Management buy out structures
  • Co-investment vehicles
  • EBTs (Employee benefit trusts)
  • LTIPs (Long term incentivisation plans)
  • FURBS (Funded unapproved retirement benefits schemes)
  • RATS (Retirement annuity trusts)

We provide a wide range of services in this arena, including:

  • Trust formation, management and administration
  • Provision of trustees, protectors and enforcers
  • Company formation, administration and management
  • Provision of corporate officers
  • Provision of registered offices
  • Provision of nominee shareholders
  • Employee reporting and communication
  • Accounting & reporting
  • Corporate governance
  • Compliance
  • Transaction management