Private Clients

Trust Corporation International specialises in the provision of international private client services which revolve around wealth creation, preservation and administration. We are regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, operate fully tax-compliant structures and engage professionals in appropriate jurisdictions to ensure that all necessary reporting is undertaken.

We have extensive experience and a proven track-record of establishing and administering complex, high-value structures for international clients- be they complex by merit of interpersonal relationships or structurally.

We represent families from all around the globe and manage a range of entities on their behalves including private family trusts, private holding vehicles, foundations, limited partnerships and private trust companies.

The family circumstances and financial needs of each of our clients will determine the most appropriate structure and, typically, we will work closely with a family’s network of advisers/family office to ensure that a structure meets a family’s needs through the generations.

Our objective is to be the “best in class” in each area of fiduciary work and, while we do not provide legal or taxation advice, we do employ individuals with strong experience and professional backgrounds in the areas of trusts law, UK and US taxation, accountancy and company law.

Our in-house expertise enables us to carefully select our client teams and, importantly, identify pitfalls and opportunities at the earliest opportunity and appoint appropriate external advisers before problems arise.

We are also fully aware of the need to maintain personal relationships while ensuring commercial and financial viability; we genuinely care about the families that we represent and believe that discretion and earning and maintaining trust are key to a successful and long-term relationship that will span the generations.