Private Clients

Trusts serve as a valuable succession planning tool, facilitating the preservation of wealth for future generations and offering flexibility as to who receives financial or other benefits. Trusts can also provide protection from the risks that may be posed by imprudent heirs, forced heirship regimes, fortune hunters, divorce and political instability.

We have extensive experience of assisting families and their advisers with the design, implementation and ongoing administration of private trusts. As well as providing traditional professional trustee and protector services, we also assist with the establishment and administration of private trust companies, for those clients who would like to maintain flexibility and mitigate against loss of control.

We work with entrepreneurs, business owners, landed estate owners and their families from across the globe to tailor bespoke trust structures to hold both business and personal assets including real estate, art and chattels, yachts and private aircraft, global operating businesses and diverse financial assets.

We also have particular expertise in the take-on and administration of “problem” trusts where issues may have arisen between the beneficiaries or with a former trustee. Where it is appropriate and necessary to do so, we work with families and their advisers to identify and pursue claims and restore the trust fund. In other cases, our role is to do what we can to restore family harmony and promote family governance.

The legal, taxation and regulatory landscape in this area is evolving rapidly but our dedicated and highly skilled trusts team comprises specialist directors, administrators and accountants who together provide a responsive, informed and seamless service.