US Services

Our most valuable asset is our true independence which runs through the core of all our services. It is this independence that allows us to truly engage in all aspects of our duty, whether corporate or fiduciary, providing pragmatic and independent guidance to families, individuals and companies alike.

A substantial part of our client base is resident in or have US connections. As such, we are very familiar with many of the planning techniques and reporting requirements of a US individual.

We travel regularly to the US to ensure we remain engaged with our clients and advisers.

Through our US affiliate, Regent Capital Advisors LLC in Nevada, we can assist in the management and operation of onshore US corporates, partnerships and Private Trust Companies (PTCs). The combination of services offered out of the US and Guernsey enable us to assist our clients with both their US domestic and non-US requirements. Our independence, combined with our expertise, offers a tailored approach to family’s international succession and tax planning needs.

We regularly deal with and manage circumstances such as:

  • International families with a US component
  • US families with foreign interests
  • Immigration and relocation to the US
  • US investment structures
  • US reporting


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